1. What is wowintro?

For Employers:

wowintro is a pre-interview screening tool that allows employers to ask candidates' interview questions online and receive video-format replies digitally! Designed together with an Applicant Tracking System, employers along with their invited reviewers are able to manage, screen, rate, and organize their candidate database. wowintro helps employers save precious time in selecting better quality candidates and alleviate unnecessary stress.

For Candidates:

However impressive or top-notch a resume may be, we are always left unsatisfied with the impression given because we know that it still falls short in presenting who we truly are to our potential employers. Now with wowintro, candidates are in the driver’s seat in presenting an accurate representation of themselves by submitting their personally recorded video answers to address an employer’s pre-interview question long before the actual interview.


2. I’m sold! So how do I go about using it?

For Employers: 

1. Profile Settings: Update your employer profile along with a company video.
2. Invite Reviewers: Set up your reviewer list by inviting your colleagues.
3. Job Campaign: Create your job campaign, ask questions, and invite your candidates.
4. Rate and Review: Rate and review candidates together with your colleagues while shortlisting those suitable for the job.
5. Interview Scheduling: Schedule interview appointments and create notes for recording purposes.
For Candidates:
1. Profile Settings: Update your profile along with a 30-second video about yourself.
2. wowsume and CV: Update your wowsume and upload your CV.
3. Job Board: Visit our Job Board to find suitable jobs for you.
4. Apply Now: Apply for jobs by answering questions with video responses as and when required.


3. Why should I use wowintro?

For Employers:

Automatically generates and sends out interview invitations to your selected candidates by email upon scheduling them on our system.

Make informed hiring decisions by inviting colleagues as reviewers to rate and review candidates together with everyone’s activity synchronized and easily accessible.

Prepare and monitor recruiting data with ease for higher management needs.

Engaging candidates with a strong first impression by showcasing your company branding with a career page.

Create your own job-specific questions or select from our available samples, then opt to receive either video, text, or assessment type answers from candidates.

Candidates may communicate their soft-skills and body language beyond the limitations of hard copy resumes.

Significantly reduces time wasted on evaluating poor quality candidates due to misleading information from plain resumes.

Substituting tiresome, long-winded phone interviews with short 30-second to 3-minute video responses.


For Candidates:

Impress your employers by uploading a 30-second video impression of yourself while dramatically increasing your chances of landing a better job!

Conveniently respond to legitimate interview questions asked by reputable employers right in the comforts of your home.

A traditional resume is you in text and not as a person. Showcase your personality and communication skills in a video resume.

Take comfort knowing that you’ve already aced the employer’s pre-interview screening process while establishing a strong personal impression of yourself.


4. What is a wowsume?

A wowsume is an automated resume template generator on wowintro’s platform that prioritizes the important parts of a resume and presents all the necessary information about a candidate to the employer.


5. What is the ASK A QUESTION feature?

Unlike traditional online job posts, wowintro’s ASK A QUESTION feature provides a unique twist that allows employers to ask pre-interview questions in your published job campaigns that require candidates to submit video or text answers (per your preference) during their application for your job opening! You can ask a total of 4 questions posed to your candidates.

Assess the candidates’ communication skills and technical knowledge by asking questions either relevant to the job role or to find out more about the candidate’s background. Differentiating the exceptional individuals amongst others have never been easier! In fact, we’ve even prepared a list of carefully curated interview questions that you may choose from as divided into two main categories – Personality Questions & Critical Thinking Questions.


6. How do I ask questions in my job campaign?

1. Start by creating a new job campaign on our wowintro platform.

2. Once you’ve reached Step 3 while creating your job campaign, you may either create your own job-specific questions or choose from the list provided.
3. Select the desired format (video, text, or assessment) that you'd like your candidates with.
4. If you’ve chosen the video option, you are required to set the duration desired for your candidates to reply your questions from a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 3 minutes. You may also opt to activate the Time Window option if you'd like to add a little spice for your candidates.
5. Publish your post!

7. What does the TIME WINDOW feature do?

If you’d like to turn up the heat for your candidates with the goal of better determining who the proactive ones are, the Time Window feature is available for you!

Activating the Time Window feature will require candidates to answer your questions within your custom-set timeframe (available options – 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 1 day). Those who fail to answer within the timeframe allocated would find it clearly indicated on their candidate profile for employers to easily take note of.


8. What is the RATE & REVIEW feature?

As candidates submit their video or text replies while applying for job campaigns, both admins and reviewers may conveniently express their thoughts while reviewing each candidate response by rating them on a scale of 1 to 5 stars and leaving their personal feedback by jotting down their impressions and thoughts on the wowintro platform. Thus, admins have an easier task in deciding which of the candidates are worth calling in for interviews since all reviewer activity can be easily referred to at one accessible location.


9. What is the INVITE REVIEWER feature?

You may invite your colleagues or departmental hiring managers as fellow reviewers who will aid you in the rate and review process of candidates who have applied for your job campaigns. This will help you make more informed decisions in deciding which candidate is the best fit for specific job campaigns with your reviewer’s opinions easily accessible on our wowintro platform.

Say goodbye to long meetings, multiple meetups, and all that tiresome paperwork as you go digital with wowintro!


10. How do I obtain candidates for my job campaign?

As of the present moment, wowintro does not provide a database of candidates for our clients as we are first and foremost a Video Screening and Applicant Tracking System platform. However, you may invite candidates from your company database to apply for a specific job campaign simply by inputting the candidate’s email address in the ‘Candidate Management’ segment of the job campaign settings titled ‘Invite Candidates’.


11. How do I contact a candidate on wowintro?

You may simply drop them a message directly through our wowintro platform’s messaging feature. However, if you're more inclined towards a personal and straightforward, two-way communication approach, you may opt to simply call them up directly with all their provided contact details easily accessible on their uploaded CVs or auto-generated wowsumes.

Should you encounter any issues while contacting a certain candidate, (such as a candidate inputting incorrect contact information) you may simply drop us an email at mktg@wowintro.me and request for their contact details! We’d be delighted to attend to your needs and any encountered complications.


12. How long will my job campaign last on wowintro?

Job campaigns last up to 60 days by default. Once it has expired you may extend the period at no additional charges by contacting one of our wowintro representatives either by emailing us at mktg@wowintro.me or calling us at +603-74991170.


13. What platforms can I use wowintro on?

As of now, wowintro can only be accessed via our website (www.wowintro.me) on web browsers both on PCs and smartphones. Stay tuned as we hope to release our wowintro mobile application on the iOS and Android platforms soon, giving you flexibility at the comfort of your handheld devices anywhere, and at any time of the day!


14. How much will it cost to use wowintro?

wowintro’s costs are priced on a quotation basis and hence will largely depend on the size of your company and its respective needs. Please contact us by dropping an email at mktg@wowintro.me as an expression of interest to find out more on the suitability of our services for your company. Our Product Specialists would gladly arrange a time to meet with you to sort out all the necessary arrangements and to provide you with a suitable quotation!