: Online Video Interviews
Turn 1 hour of manual screening into 5 minutes!
Screen shortlisted candidates quickly by inviting them for a simple, automated first-round online
interview to decide who is worth your time for a second-round interview!
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Faster Candidate
Cost Savings
Response Rate
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Features & Benefits
Set Interview Questions
Ask interview questions and assign time limits for candidates to read and answer them.
Invite for F2F Interviews
Impressed with a candidate’s video interview? Schedule face-to-face interviews by sending automated, customizable, and professionally designed emails.
Time-stamped Videos
Instead of watching the whole video, questions are time-stamped so that you can jump to view a candidate’s answer of a selected question.
Invite Reviewers & Collect Opinions
Create reviewer accounts and control their access to specific job campaigns. Reviewers may change statuses, apply ratings, and enter reviews for each candidate.
Set Review Criteria
Eliminate bias by creating your own list of reviewing criteria with their respective weightages for each job campaign to guide Reviewers.
Generate Reports
Track important statistics by job campaigns (e.g. number of answers collected, KIV, shortlisted, rejected, hired).
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