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How We Have Helped Our Clients
has helped the Coca-Cola Talent Acquisition team to quickly screen through suitable candidates for our Management Associate Program. It was easy to view & download candidate videos in a shorter and simpler way. It also helped us save time by filtering candidates according to our preference.
Kirubavathsana Jagadiswaran
Talent Acquisition,
Coca Cola Bottlers Malaysia
has helped me to greatly minimize the time taken in screening through hundreds of applicants easily for our Gamuda Graduate Programme. By simply watching their submitted videos, we were easily able to distinguish between qualified and unqualified applicants by assessing their ability to communicate well in English since it was one of our main requirements.
Puteri Zulaikha
Talent Acquisition,
Gamuda Berhad
Take Candidate Screening to the Next Level
*Traditional screening takes about 45-mins to determine a person’s job fit.
Get the same results with a 5-min video interview.
*(e.g. Phone Screening, Face-to-Face 1st Round Interviews)
“Can they communicate effectively?”
Many can write well. But can they speak well?
Are they able to use fewer words to carry more meaning, or just rambling on and on and on and on… zzz
“Can they really speak that language?”
Written resumes don’t do justice. They say: “Trust me, I’m fluent in English, Chinese, French, Japanese…”
OK, here’s a preset impromptu question. Prove it.
“How about their attitude?”
Remember that applicant you interviewed for 45-mins with the impressive resume and qualifications, but had a questionable personality that didn’t fit with your company culture?
Prioritize your valuable time with applicants who matter.
“Do they even know the basics of the job scope?”
If they can answer your technical questions without any hiccups in a short 5-min video, then only do they deserve your 45-mins in the next 2nd round interview.
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