One-Way Video Interview System
Preset questions and time limits to answer
Send bulk interview invites with ease
Time-stamps: easily jump to a specific question answered
Download videos easily in MP4 format
Candidate Mobile App
No laptop? No problem. Use our iOS/Android app
In-built feature to test internet connection speeds
Practice with mock questions to assess video quality
Lightweight app takes up minimal space in mobile devices
Applicant Tracking System & Career Page
Candidate profiles beautifully organized
Candidate scoring: easily sort data by job-fit to find the top 10%
Extract candidate data into an Excel file with ONE-CLICK
Store and download resumes easily
Professionally designed career page template
Reviewer Sub-Accounts
Create Reviewer accounts: colleagues can watch, rate, and review videos
ONE-CLICK login: watch videos instantly with hyperlinks that login without passwords
Customize candidate review criteria for different job posts
Control account access: set limits to only view shortlisted videos
Automated Emails for Candidates & Reviewers
Consistent reminders to complete video interviews on time
Scheduled face-to-face interviews notifications
ONE-CLICK status changes for each screening stage (e.g. Shortlisted, Hired, Rejected) sends professionally written email templates to notify candidates
Customizable email templates
Extractable Reports
Track important job campaign statistics, e.g.
No. of answers collected
No. of candidates shortlisted/rejected/hired
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