1. How do I search for a candidate on wowintro?

There are two ways to search for candidates on wowintro:

A. Go to the Candidate Search & simply type in a keyword for what you’re looking for (eg: admin, marketing, engineering, sales etc)

•    When you type a keyword, our system will filter videos and profiles according to the search therefore making it easier for you to fish for a candidate

B. Post a Job for a specific opening/position you are looking to fill at your company

•    Candidates are required to provide their emails and companies will then invite them to the job post. Candidates will instantly get notified and have the database at your fingertips
2. How do I post a Job on wowintro?

•    Immediately as you log in, you will see a box that says “Create Job Campaign” and click it
•    Fill up the required information in the job post
•    Once satisfied, click “Submit for Approval” & you will receive a notice saying allow up to 24 hours for your post to be approved by our team
•    If you have filled up all details but don’t wish to post it yet as may require approval from your side, simply click “Save” & it will be saved in your drafts & you can post it another day! If you made an error but already submitted the post, don’t worry! We will approve the post & you can immediately make changes then
3. How do I contact a candidate/employer on wowintro?

If you wish to get in contact with a company, simply drop them a message on wowintro. To ensure a company can contact you directly do upload your résumé so they may see your contact details and directly call you in for an interview!

If you find a candidate you like, simply drop them a message on wowintro. If you’d like a more straightforward approach, just open their résumé/CV and call them directly in for an interview! Should you have any problems contacting a certain candidate, simply write in to us at and request for the contact details of the candidate – we’d be happy to provide it!
4. How do I upload a company logo?

•    Log on to your profile
•    Click “Profile Settings” at the side of your profile
•    Upload a 240x240px logo to ensure it is properly displayed (the ideal size)
5. How do I upload my company video?

Like users and job-seekers on wowintro, companies can now upload a video! The video can be anything from a video introducing your company to posting a specific question you would like to ask potential candidates on wowintro. Please keep in mind that the video should be in the compatible formats accepted on the wowintro platform (.avi, .mp4, .mov, .webm and .wmv)





1.    Why can’t I upload my video?

There may be two reasons as to why your video isn’t uploading:
A. The video is longer than 30 seconds
Your video may be less than 30 seconds but the maximum duration for a wowintro video is 30 seconds, so if you exceed by 31 seconds or 32 seconds, it won’t be uploaded. You can either shoot a new video or simply cut out the last few seconds. Sometimes your video is 30 seconds, but you are still unable to upload because it might be 30.10 seconds. Here are some helpful tips to cut your video:

•    Open your video with Windows Movie Maker
•    Click “Edit” -> Select “Trim Tool” -> Set end point to 30 seconds -> Save Movie -> Website Settings -> Facebook
•    For Mac, you may check this helpful link on useful video cutting tools/softwares
B. The video format is not compatible
The supported video formats on wowintro are .avi, .mp4, .mov, .webm and .wmv only. We do not support FLAC files. Here are some helpful tips to convert your video:

•    Open video with Windows Movie Maker
•    Save Movie -> Website Settings -> Facebook
•    You may also visit these links for online video converters: link1, link2
•    Keep in mind that your video should not exceed 100MB!
2. What is the difference between a private profile and a public profile on wowintro?

A private profile ensures your profile and video on wowintro will be visible to companies ONLY and other wowintro users won’t be able to view your profile, so don’t worry about your privacy! With a private profile, you can protect your profile from other users if you’d like – they won’t be able to message you, wow/favorite your video or even view your profile. However, a private profile will restrict your ability to network with other users!

With a public profile, your privacy settings are set at open – where both wowintro users and companies will be able to view your profile. This way, you get to network and socialize with other users on wowintro’s platform, thus expanding your social circle!
3. What do I do if my video takes too long to upload or it doesn’t upload?

A. When you upload a video and the loading bar reaches 99% and goes away, that means the video is compatible and you will see a notice pop-up saying your video will take time to process before its uploaded. If you see this notice, it’s fine to log out of your account and carry on with other things. You will later receive an email notifying you the video has been uploaded and you may log in to tag you video and upload your résumé if you haven’t already!
B. When you try uploading a video and the loading bar gets stuck at 99%, just wait a while as its taking time to process. It would be best if you stayed on the tab and not move to any other pages as this might disrupt the upload process. If it still takes too long, then you may be experiencing an error. Check if your video is compatible (duration, format). If after all that you still are unable to upload the video then do write in to us at and we will try our best to assist you!
4. Why do I need to upload a video on wowintro?

A wowintro represents your online profile and it enables companies to know more about you than just your résumé/CV. Without a video on your wowintro, your profile will not be viewable by companies on the platform. You will need to upload the 30-second wowintro to make your profile visible as this is the only way companies can find you!
5. Why do I need to tag my specialization?

It’s important to tag your major/specialization so that your profile can be filtered on the Tags Board and companies can find you easier. For example, you tag your video with “admin” or “human resources”, your video/profile will appear the tag “admin” and “human resources” and if there’s a company seeking someone in that position they will go to that specific tag and they will be able to find you and view your video.
6. How do I apply for a job on wowintro?

Go to or simply click the JOB BOARD button. This will lead you straight to our JOB BOARD where you can see full-time, part-time and internship jobs posted by various companies.

•    Simply type in the keywords related to the Job you are looking for at the search bar (eg: admin, marketing, engineering etc)
•    You can also filter out jobs by selecting the type of job you are looking for (eg: full-time, part-time, internship)
•    Simply look through the job and click into any of the post you would like to apply to read more information on it
•    Read through the specific job and simply click "Apply!" at the bottom

Please remember to upload your 30-second wowintro and your résumé so that the company you applied for will be able to view your profile and call you up for an interview!

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