Wowintro was established in October 2014 and started off as a 30-second video impression platform targeting job seekers to market themselves to their potential employers.

After receiving much feedback from the real voices of Malaysian HR specialists across hundreds of companies, we realized that a similar problem was frequently echoed - they desired a better way to manage their recruitment process. Their struggle is not first and foremost talent acquisition given the plethora of career sites available in the Malaysian hiring markets; rather, their struggles are that many are still tied down to the traditional and manual approaches to the management of the talent acquisition process.

In discovering the great demand for such a service, Wowintro has transitioned itself into an One-Way Video Interview system & Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that seeks to digitalize the talent acquisition scene of companies thereby alleviating the annoyances faced by HR managers in Malaysia.
Keep It Simple: What is Wowintro?
More About Wowintro
One-Way Video Interview System
Preset questions and time limits to answer
Send bulk interview invites with ease
Time-stamps: easily jump to a specific question answered
Download videos easily in MP4 format
Applicant Tracking System & Career Page
Candidate profiles beautifully organized
Candidate scoring: easily sort data by job-fit to find the top 10%
Extract candidate data into an Excel file with ONE-CLICK
Store and download resumes easily
Professionally designed career page template
Wowintro therefore helps employers to save precious time while alleviating unnecessary stress as they are now well equipped to select better quality candidates in a digitalized and efficient manner.
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