Do I need a credit card for monthly subscription?
Yes. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards via PayPal.
Why do I have to sign-up with PayPal?
We’ve selected PayPal as our secured payment gateway as it is readily available worldwide while guaranteeing that your sensitive billing information will be kept private. The good news? You can still pay with your credit card as PayPal accepts all major credit cards.
When will I be billed for monthly subscription?
Monthly subscriptions are billed on the same date for each subsequent month as according to your first payment date (e.g. if the first payment was on 16th Jan, then you’ll be billed again on the 16th Feb).

The same arrangement applies similarly for yearly subscriptions (e.g. if the first payment was on 16th Jan 2020, then you’ll be billed again on the 16th Jan 2021).
My company does not provide a company credit card, how can I take advantage of the monthly subscription?
All major credit cards are accepted and does not have to be a business credit card. The issued receipt will include your name, company and billing address.
Can I cancel my monthly subscription?
Absolutely! You can stay risk-and-worry-free by unsubscribing via your account’s billing settings page. By doing so, your credit card will not be charged for the following month’s cycle.
What happens to the existing video interviews once I cancelled my monthly subscription?
Even after cancelling your subscription, your existing video interviews will not be deleted and still remain in your account. It will only be deleted after it has passed your specific package’s Video Storage Duration. However you may not watch the content directly on our platform itself until you resubscribe to gain access. Hence we recommend to download the videos as an MP4 format before unsubscribing.
Can I re-activate my account after I have cancelled the subscription?
Most certainly! Just log-in with your account details and you will be immediately brought to the billings page where you can resubscribe with ease!
Is Wowintro safe and reliable?
We don't store credit card data on our servers. Payment processing is handled by PayPal which ensures safe and reliable transactions.

We run on the robust Amazon infrastructure. We also take periodic backups, and force SSL encryption across the platform.
Face-to-face interviews are still important to my company.
We completely agree! Face-to-face interviews are certainly irreplaceable, hence our Online Video Interviews are designed as optional alternative solutions for the phone screening process & first-round interviews to determine who are the candidates worth meeting in-person.
Why can’t I just use Skype since it’s free?
With Skype being a two-way approach of requiring both interviewer and interviewee to be online at the same time, this results in the interviewer spending more time having to schedule and sit in for each session. By now using wowintro’s Online Video Interview, interviewers would merely need to set their questions, send invites, and watch submitted answers at their convenience. Candidates who take the online interview would only see the questions for the first time and are required to think on their feet to answer within the specified time given with no retries, without being able to rehearse or prepare a script as it would replicate a live interview experience.
How many people would actually be willing to take an online interview?
We understand that this would not be suitable for people of all ages especially those with decades of experience under their belt, however our clients have said that it is perfect for those of ages 18-35 who even prefer and find it cool to take online interviews.
How complicated (and how long?) is it to get started with wowintro’s services?
To date, all our clients are impressed with how fast it takes for us to get their accounts started. In fact, it takes less than an hour for you to plug and play. Thanks to our attention to detail on the user interface and maximizing user experience, our clients have also given feedback that their Hiring Managers who weren’t tech savvy were able to navigate our website with ease.
My company already has an existing HRIS system. This sounds redundant.
Chances are that more than 90% of HRIS systems do not come with an Online Video Interview software. Also, the beauty is that our clients prefer to use it as a standalone service, while the option of integrating it to your HRIS system is also available.
HR softwares have always been such an expensive investment! How much does it cost?
Naturally, all systems are designed to increase productivity. While wowintro has a quantifiable ROI which easily pays for itself after a few months of usage. From there, it’s all about saving your company thousands of dollars in the short run and becoming the company’s HR cost-savings hero. In fact when directly compared with our competitors, we’ve been told to be more than 12-25x more affordable while even beating them out on certain features.
What’s the difference between wowintro’s Online Video Interview and Applicant Tracking System?
The Online Video Interview is our latest offering that has been well received by many big established companies for its use of setting interview questions and inviting shortlisted applicants for an online interview. On the other hand, our Applicant Tracking System that comes with a Career Page (linked to their website) that enables employers to post jobs and keep track of candidate applications along with a host of other features aimed to boost recruitment productivity.
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