Wowintro would like to wish you a happy new year by introducing our newest product which has received the buy-in of recognized banks and great companies alike such as Affin Bank, Bank Islam, Bank Rakyat, Bank Muamalat, and Sunway with our Online Video Interview!


Interested to find out more? Check out our updated website at and request for a quick 15-minute online demo with no commitments or strings attached. If you prefer to speak to our Product Specialist, give Jonathan a call at 018-3115 822 or drop him an email at


Wowintro, Interviews Begin Here!

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Let’s be honest, Hiring Managers:

A resume alone does a poor job of helping candidates stand out. Hiring Managers from large multinational companies can easily receive up to a thousand applications for a single job opening because it takes close to no effort for candidates nowadays to apply for jobs given the many career sites available in Malaysia. Hence, it’s no surprise that we take an average of six seconds to screen through a resume (Sanburn, 2012). Hiring Managers are real people too, and I’d be surprised if anyone could go through thousands of similar looking resumes day after day without getting bored.


Here’s the truth, Recruiters:

The main reason why we arrange interviews is so that we can meet the real person behind the resume. To hear and to see them express themselves in person. To see what we can’t see on paper. In fact, we always have certain questions in mind that if answered satisfactorily by a candidate, we would easily hire them there and then. 


Here’s what we need, HR practitioners:

We need a way to communicate to our candidates what we truly want to hear from them, and we need them to answer key questions while getting to know the real person behind the resume. We need tools to make the above a reality.


The good news is that such a tool does exist and we at wowintro can provide you with the capability to setup your job posts online with our provided career page while asking your key interview questions that require your candidates to answer. Even better, every application made will come with a video-recorded answer from your candidates so that you can assess their expressions, their creativity, and most importantly meet the real candidate behind the resume.


Sanburn, J. (2012, 4 13). How to Make Your Resume Last Longer Than 6 Seconds. Retrieved from TIME:

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Technology has radically changed the way we do things! From the likes of Shakespeare with his mighty pen, the invention of typewriters and our beloved personal computers have revolutionized the way people write with much-welcomed ease and speed. Similarly, at wowintro we make it our goal to bring about increased speed and productivity in the workplace by digitalizing the talent acquisition process with our Applicant Tracking System.


When HR personnel schedule interviews with candidates, they allocate time to send out individualized interview invitation emails for every single candidate – often totaling to around 50 candidates per job opening! Furthermore, candidate no-shows and latecomers need documenting, but become tedious tasks when done manually due to further organization necessitated with the use of hardcopies.


Thankfully, the above is resolved with our digitalized interview scheduling feature:

1. Kill two birds with one stone by automatically sending out emails to individual candidates when you schedule interviews on our system itself.

2. All interview information including no-shows and latecomer statuses are all stored digitally in one location.

3. Avoid the mix-up of business and personal calendars with a separate calendar solely purposed for interview appointments scheduled for the month.


Truly at wowintro, interviews begin here! 

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To celebrate this feat, we have decided that instead of beginning the subscription cycles immediately, we would like to treat all our present clients by giving away a free one-month trial of our Pro Package starting from the 3rd of April to the 2nd of May!


At the end of this trial period, please take note that your company account will be temporarily disabled. Please contact our company representatives to begin the subscription cycles, and if you still feel that you need more time to assess the suitability of our services for your company before officially subscribing, you may make a request to our company representatives and we shall attend to you as per our discretion.


Stay tuned for more exciting updates to come!


If you'd like to find out more about our company, please visit our social media pages below:

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Video Interviews - The Future Made Present


We live in a time and place where the use of the internet is commonplace in our lives. In fact, its effect on us is so far-reaching that almost everything has been influenced – from the way we communicate, spend our leisure time, and finally also changing the way we get things done in the workplace. Therefore, it is not a surprise to see many corporate companies far and wide beginning to explore the opportunities availed in having online job interviews through video recording formats to which we shall call – video interviews. In any case, their advantages do not by any means supersede the traditional approach of having face-to-face interviews, yet their advantages are noteworthy for our attention.


1. Better use of company resources.

First off, the access to top talent using video interviews is a much smoother, faster, and cost-effective process. Just imagine the amount of resources in terms of time and money saved when employers need not confine themselves and wait for candidates to show up physically at their office before being able to assess them. Employers can view the candidates’ responses whenever they want, and as many times as they would like thereby improving their hiring efficiency.


2. Candidates showcase a clearer picture of themselves.

In the end, resumes are just pieces of paper. It limits candidates’ by having them to present themselves in a concise manner as to avoid making their resumes too lengthy. Hence, this results in candidates feeling that they been placed at a disadvantage because they undoubtedly feel misjudged by employers who only see one side of them – on paper and not in person. This is where video interviews shine because not only do candidates get the opportunity to showcase themselves through speech and at the same time incorporating their body language, employers now can assess and evaluate their candidates better all before calling them in for the actual interview.


3. Quickens the hiring process between employers and candidates.

Being in the internet age has in one way also made us rather impatient as a people, we want things quick! Hence in terms of employers and candidates’, one desires a quick pre-interview screening process, while the other desires an easy job application process that does not require the candidate to wait often for over two to three weeks to get a reply from the company they apply to.


So, let’s realize the above stated advantages with wowintro.


wowintro, interviews begin here!

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Acing a video interview is not as easy as ABC. It requires as much work as face-to-face interview, but probably a little more. It is commonly mistaken by some individuals that video interview is pretty easy. However, it does not mean that it should be taken any less seriously.


With technology evolving tremendously in this era, it has sped up the recruiting process and eases the burden of candidates traveling for an interview. Although candidates are now able to conduct interview via online, it is vital that they keep one important fact at the back of their mind, which is to;


Treat video interviews with the

 same level of professionalism as in-person meetings


Your ability to sell yourself well on camera can make or break your job search.  But don’t sweat on it, here are some helpful guidelines to make your video interview go off without a hitch!


  • Take a test run

Taking a few dry runs before you sign in is indeed very important. It is best to conduct a mock interview with your friends or family in order for you to get familiar with the process and also get feedback from trusted source.


  • Dress to Impress

It is important to dress like as if you were to go for any other interview, be it being face-to-face or via video. You may be in the living room, or in the kitchen, or even in your bedroom, but it is still important how employers sees you and it definitely needs to look professional.


  • Don’t Stress

Video interview is just like any other interviews that you’ve been before; the only difference is that it just happens to be on camera.  Employers don’t seek perfection and we all humans make mistakes but always remember to be confident and feel comfortable with you. Candidates often feel pressured by it being a video. Always, always be confident and not let lose.

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What motivates you in life?

I don’t know? Many things?


Motivation can come in many forms, be it being money, family, sports, and friends or just about anything. Anything you do involves motivation whether you realize it or not. It is understandable that staying motivated can be struggle as our drive is constantly tackled by negative thoughts about the future.  


Is there a solution to Lack of Motivation?

Simply, NO!


There isn’t an exact solution for it. It all lies in the mind. You can try to push it aside as much as you want but the issue here is that, it will still appear at the first sign of failure.  Knowing what drives your emotions is very important. Reason being said, with you understanding your thoughts and how to neutralize negatives one, you are able to pull yourself out of a slump. 


You are in 100% control of you. Your decisions in each and every moment determine the quality of life that you live.




Two important ways to motivate yourself:


Look your excuses in the eye


Giving excuses has naturally become a habit for every individual. Excuses are your biggest enemy. If one day you come across you giving an excuse, there is no harm in correcting yourself as if you let it slide, it is bound to happen again & again. The time you stop giving excuses will come when you come clean with yourself. It is really a matter of telling yourself the truth.


Say bye-bye to fear


Fear. Everyone’s biggest nightmare. We are so caught up trying to be good at everything to the point that we fear rejection. That’s okay, you learn from mistakes, that’s why practice makes perfect. Always remember, even if you aim for the bottom rung, you’re still a step above not trying at all.

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What is trust?
I say,
Trust is more than a noun or a feeling or a thought.
 Its an Asset.

Trust plays a big role, be it in a relationship, friendship, or even with your workmates. Trust is that extra push that brings great teams to greater heights. Building Trust with someone is very crucial, especially with your team.

A team without trust, isn’t really a team. It is basically just group of individuals that does things their own way that could lead to battles over rights and responsibilities. You can be the most talented person out there or the most educated one but you can never reach your full potential if trust isn’t present. At some point in your life, you need to develop a sense of “trust”.

It is understandable that trust isn’t something you develop the minute you wake up in the morning, as a matter of fact Trust takes seconds to kill but years to build but it should not stop you from believing in it.

Frank Crane, an American minister and author once said,
“You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you dont trust enough”.

Without trust, comes less innovation, collaboration or even creative thinking. However, when trust is in place, many beautiful things will come your way; your team becomes stronger which can lead to you being able to achieve truly meaningful goals!

So, here comes the million dollar question;
How can you create a culture of trust within your team?

Discourage Cliques


Yes, its true. Everywhere you go, you will stumble upon cliques. Cliques are formed within a team who shares common interest which somehow can make others feel isolated and undermine trust between one another

Don’t place blame


Mistakes and disappointments are bound to happen in life. It is always easy to blame others but your own. When fingers are pointed, it can lead to a very unpleasant atmosphere. Again, this undermines trust.

At times like this, its best if you were to step in and encourage everyone in your team to think about mistakes in a constructive way. Is there any solution? How do we move forward? All these question are great to ponder upon.

Piece of advice,
Life is too short. Stop with the "what if's" & start trusting a little.

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Yeah, you’ve might heard the word “self-confidence” recurring over and over again throughout your life but I guess as cliché as it sounds, self-confidence is the key to success.


Contrary to popular belief, self-confidence is not something that is passed through your DNA. A lot may claim that self-confidence is hard to achieve, but then again, what is easy in life? All it takes is constant practice. Just like a kid trying to ride a bicycle, or trying to learn how to walk. It was never easy for them but along the way, practice makes perfect.

         “But nothing is ever good enough?”


Yes, these words here are a killer. These are the words that eats you up alive without you realising it. Lack of self-confidence is the primary source of insecurities as insecurities can be caused by many things. It always needs to start somewhere.  It is vital that we quit this mentality of ours that we are never good enough; be it at work, in studies, or even in sports.

   “But what if I fail?”


Failing does not indicate that you’re a failure in life. At one point in life, life will knock you down and that leaves you to decide to pick up those pieces up or to just lay down there and expect a miracle to happen. Bill Gates, one of the world’s wealthiest individuals didn’t earn his fortune in a straight line to success. He faced obstacles along the way, but that didn’t stop him from achieving his goals. He took his failure as a motivation to strive harder and soon he created his first Microsoft product and forged a new path to success.

So you see, it isn’t about the easy way out. It always gets hard before it gets easy in life. You are in charge of yourself, you decide how you are going to overcome those challenges in life.


So it boils down to the million dollar question:-

If you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect others to?


Here are the top two tips to boost your self-confidence level:-


Accept Failure and get rid of the negative voice in your head


Low self-confidence derives from negative thoughts that runs through our minds at all times. It is okay to admit you’ve failed at one point but it is not okay to give up. Always remember to act upon it. If you constantly beat yourself up after every failure, you are becoming what you're preaching inside and that is definitely not good. Each time the little negative voice tells you something negative, automatically switch it to something positive.


Be Prepared & Never give up.

Always be prepared to what is coming your way. In anything you do, you are bound to face obstacles. It is vital how you overcome those challenges and not let it get to you.

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GREAT NEWS! Through carefully listening and collecting feedback from hundreds of HR experts and recruitment managers, wowintro is pleased to announce that the new and improve website is finally up and is now ready to be used by job seekers! 


Having trouble applying for a job or even getting your resume out there? 


Don’t worry! It is common now to hear the struggle candidates are facing to be employed or even to show the employer who they really are aside from whats written on a piece of paper. With a 30-second impression video, you are given the chance to showcase your capabilities and also to impress the employers. All it takes is four steps and candidates are able to engage with employers through interactive job application and evaluation activities! 


Take a moment and pay a visit at our website today at to Sign up with us!

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