Video Interviews - The Future Made Present


Video Interviews - The Future Made Present


We live in a time and place where the use of the internet is commonplace in our lives. In fact, its effect on us is so far-reaching that almost everything has been influenced – from the way we communicate, spend our leisure time, and finally also changing the way we get things done in the workplace. Therefore, it is not a surprise to see many corporate companies far and wide beginning to explore the opportunities availed in having online job interviews through video recording formats to which we shall call – video interviews. In any case, their advantages do not by any means supersede the traditional approach of having face-to-face interviews, yet their advantages are noteworthy for our attention.


1. Better use of company resources.

First off, the access to top talent using video interviews is a much smoother, faster, and cost-effective process. Just imagine the amount of resources in terms of time and money saved when employers need not confine themselves and wait for candidates to show up physically at their office before being able to assess them. Employers can view the candidates’ responses whenever they want, and as many times as they would like thereby improving their hiring efficiency.


2. Candidates showcase a clearer picture of themselves.

In the end, resumes are just pieces of paper. It limits candidates’ by having them to present themselves in a concise manner as to avoid making their resumes too lengthy. Hence, this results in candidates feeling that they been placed at a disadvantage because they undoubtedly feel misjudged by employers who only see one side of them – on paper and not in person. This is where video interviews shine because not only do candidates get the opportunity to showcase themselves through speech and at the same time incorporating their body language, employers now can assess and evaluate their candidates better all before calling them in for the actual interview.


3. Quickens the hiring process between employers and candidates.

Being in the internet age has in one way also made us rather impatient as a people, we want things quick! Hence in terms of employers and candidates’, one desires a quick pre-interview screening process, while the other desires an easy job application process that does not require the candidate to wait often for over two to three weeks to get a reply from the company they apply to.


So, let’s realize the above stated advantages with wowintro.


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