Digitalized Interview Scheduling


Technology has radically changed the way we do things! From the likes of Shakespeare with his mighty pen, the invention of typewriters and our beloved personal computers have revolutionized the way people write with much-welcomed ease and speed. Similarly, at wowintro we make it our goal to bring about increased speed and productivity in the workplace by digitalizing the talent acquisition process with our Applicant Tracking System.


When HR personnel schedule interviews with candidates, they allocate time to send out individualized interview invitation emails for every single candidate – often totaling to around 50 candidates per job opening! Furthermore, candidate no-shows and latecomers need documenting, but become tedious tasks when done manually due to further organization necessitated with the use of hardcopies.


Thankfully, the above is resolved with our digitalized interview scheduling feature:

1. Kill two birds with one stone by automatically sending out emails to individual candidates when you schedule interviews on our system itself.

2. All interview information including no-shows and latecomer statuses are all stored digitally in one location.

3. Avoid the mix-up of business and personal calendars with a separate calendar solely purposed for interview appointments scheduled for the month.


Truly at wowintro, interviews begin here! 

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