Tired of screening through thousands of job applications and resumes?


Let’s be honest, Hiring Managers:

A resume alone does a poor job of helping candidates stand out. Hiring Managers from large multinational companies can easily receive up to a thousand applications for a single job opening because it takes close to no effort for candidates nowadays to apply for jobs given the many career sites available in Malaysia. Hence, it’s no surprise that we take an average of six seconds to screen through a resume (Sanburn, 2012). Hiring Managers are real people too, and I’d be surprised if anyone could go through thousands of similar looking resumes day after day without getting bored.


Here’s the truth, Recruiters:

The main reason why we arrange interviews is so that we can meet the real person behind the resume. To hear and to see them express themselves in person. To see what we can’t see on paper. In fact, we always have certain questions in mind that if answered satisfactorily by a candidate, we would easily hire them there and then. 


Here’s what we need, HR practitioners:

We need a way to communicate to our candidates what we truly want to hear from them, and we need them to answer key questions while getting to know the real person behind the resume. We need tools to make the above a reality.


The good news is that such a tool does exist and we at wowintro can provide you with the capability to setup your job posts online with our provided career page while asking your key interview questions that require your candidates to answer. Even better, every application made will come with a video-recorded answer from your candidates so that you can assess their expressions, their creativity, and most importantly meet the real candidate behind the resume.


Sanburn, J. (2012, 4 13). How to Make Your Resume Last Longer Than 6 Seconds. Retrieved from TIME:

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