Job interviews can be tricky stuff, no matter how many times you’ve had one in your career. We know it’s important to practice for an interview but what about other factors about a job interview? Here are the 5 things to keep in mind besides just having a practice run of an interview!


1. Be punctual


Punctuality is key in job interviews because it leaves a great first impression! Always be on time for job interviews, or even better, arrive at least 10 minutes before. Helpful tip would be to scout the location a day before your interview to get familiar with the routes and plan out your journey to ensure you'll be able to arrive on time.


2. Research


Conduct research on the company before your interview! It's important to familiarize with the company's works, values, achievements and success- it showcases you have interest in the company and it will also help tremendously when answering questions about the company.


3. Dress for the job


This definitely goes without saying, but it's not stressed enough. Your attire and overall appearance plays a major factor in the formation of a first impression the interviewer will have of you, and we all know how important it is in setting the right first impressions! 


4. Practice makes perfect


No matter how many job interviews you’ve done or if you’ve never gone for one, practicing for the interview will help you calm your nerves tremendously and prepare you for the real thing. Of course you may not know the exact questions the interviewer may ask, but there are always the basics (what are your previous work experiences? What did you achieve in school? How involved in co-curricular activities were you in university?) that you can draft up replies to and practice how you want to structure your answer.


5. Be you


As qualified as you may be for the job, never rely solely on your application or resumé to land you the job. You will still need to market yourself and your qualities to the interviewer to show that you’re the right person for the job.  

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