wowintro presents #SOAL!


wowintro is excited to kick-start our latest venture, #SOAL or, Salary Of A Lifetime! 


#SOAL is a collaboration between wowintro and a Mystery Client in an effort to find EIGHT passionate individuals to secure the golden opportunity of becoming an Outlet Manager and getting the salary of a lifetime- up to RM8,000 a month! 


Who's the Mystery Client you ask? Well, you're just going to have to wait and find out! Over the coming weeks we'll be posting clues on our Facebook page to who exactly our Mystery Client is and you'll have to guess! With logo puzzles and riddles to be solved in exchange for clues, we're anxious to see if you can figure out who the Mystery Client is!


Now, for the million dollar question: How Do I Apply For #SOAL? It's so simple, just follow these steps! 


1. Register for wowintro if you do not have an account 

(click here)



2. Record and upload a 30-second video of yourself on to your wowintro profile 


(for tips what to say in your wowintro video, click here)



3. Tag your video with SOAL


(under 'Edit Profile')



4. Upload your resume/CV 


(under 'Edit Profile')



5. Apply for SOAL through wowintro's Opportunity Board!


(To apply for the opportunity, click here)


And there you have it! You're only 5 steps away from securing the opportunity of a lifetime, so don't miss out! GOOD LUCK! For more in-depth information about #SOAL, click here.

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