On the 30th of November 2016, wowintro collaborated with UKM to hold the very first career day that focuses on helping last year students to find an internship placement with some of the biggest companies in Malaysia. With the event becoming a major hit with an overwhelming response from not only students from UKM, but also a number of job seekers coming in from all around looking for a job with the companies that participated.


What makes it different from other career fairs was the chance that was given to 50 students who participated in the Most Employable Graduate competition, where 50 of the students were able to go on stage and made a live pitch of themselves to 40 employers looking to absorb new faces in their company.


We would like to thank UKM for the opportunity to work alongside them, and also to all participating companies for making the event a success. Last but not least to everyone who joined in the event, students and job seekers, we hope all of you managed to “WOW” employers.


Don’t forget to sign up with us at to increase the chance to impress an employer with a video resume!


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wowintro is teaming up with Coca-Cola Malaysia for the

Coca-Cola Management Associate Programme!


That’s right; you can land a dream job with Coca-Cola, one of the largest corporations in the world, through their Coca-Cola Management Associate Programme! MAP is an 18-month programme tailored to young graduates who are set to gain a once-in-a-lifetime experience with cross-functional training in various areas within a business.


Each Associate will be assigned a project supervisor and a mentor for personal and career guidance that will assist in your growth within the company and ensure you achieve your maximum potential! Throughout the programme, Associates will be challenged with job rotations within three different departments - Support functions, Commercial Sales and Supply Chain department with each rotation lasting 6 months.



Associates will have the opportunity to not only participate in but also manage and execute projects during the programme that will help in a final graduation project - where all Associates will be given the chance to present a project to the CEO of Coca-Cola Bottlers Malaysia at the end of the 18 months! To increase your chances of securing a placement under the programme, Coca-Cola is teaming up with wowintro to present applicants the chance to make an impression with a 30-second wowintro!

How does that work? 

Find out more information here!

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Hi guys! Okay we've gotten quite a lot of feedback/questions lately and we know some of you may have experienced some problems here and there regarding updating your wowintro profile, so here is the wowintro 101 blog post! With this post, all your questions are answered and we even provide some helpful tips to ensure you have the best possible experience with wowintro!




1. Why can’t I upload my video?


There may be two reasons as to why your video isn’t uploading:


A. The video is longer than 30 seconds

Your video may be less than 30 seconds but the maximum duration for a wowintro video is 30 seconds, so if you exceed by 31 seconds or 32 seconds, it won’t be uploaded. You can either shoot a new video or simply cut out the last few seconds. Sometimes your video is 30 seconds, but you are still unable to upload because it might be 30.10 seconds. Here are some helpful tips to cut your video:

  • Open your video with Windows Movie Maker
  • Click “Edit” -> Select “Trim Tool” -> Set end point to 30 seconds -> Save Movie -> Website Settings -> Facebook
  • For Mac, you may check this helpful link on useful video cutting tools/softwares


B. The video format is not compatible

The supported video formats on wowintro are and .wmv only. We do not support FLAC files. Here are some helpful tips to convert your video:

  • Open video with Windows Movie Maker
  • Save Movie -> Website Settings -> Facebook
  • You may also visit these links for online video converters: link1link2


2. What is the difference between a private profile and a public profile on wowintro?


A private profile ensures your profile and video on wowintro will be visible to companies ONLY and other wowintro users won’t be able to view your profile, so don’t worry about your privacy! With a private profile, you can protect your profile from other users if you’d like – they won’t be able to message you, wow/favorite your video or even view your profile. However, a private profile will restrict your ability to network with other users!

With a public profile, your privacy settings are set at open – where both wowintro users and companies will be able to view your profile. This way, you get to network and socialize with other users on wowintro’s platform, thus expanding your social circle!


3. What do I do if my video takes too long to upload or it doesn’t upload?


a) When you upload a video and the loading bar reaches 99% and goes away, that means the video is compatible and you will see a notice pop-up saying your video will take time to process before its uploaded. If you see this notice, it’s fine to log out of your account and carry on with other things. You will later receive an email notifying you the video has been uploaded and you may log in to tag you video and upload your résumé if you haven’t already!


b) When you try uploading a video and the loading bar gets stuck at 99%, just wait a while as its taking time to process. It would be best if you stayed on the tab and not move to any other pages as this might disrupt the upload process. If it still takes too long, then you may be experiencing an error. Check if your video is compatible (duration, format). If after all that you still are unable to upload the video then do write in to us at and we will try our best to assist you!


4. Why do I need to upload a video on wowintro?


wowintro represents your online profile and it enables companies to know more about you than just your résumé/CV. Without a video on your wowintro, your profile will not be viewable by companies on the platform. You will need to upload the 30-second wowintro to make your profile visible as this is the only way companies can find you!


5. Why do I need to tag my specialization?


It’s important to tag your major/specialization so that your profile can be filtered on the Tags Board and companies can find you easier. For example, you tag your video with “admin” or “human resources”, your video/profile will appear the tag “admin” and “human resources” and if there’s a company seeking someone in that position they will go to that specific tag and they will be able to find you and view your video.


6. How do I apply for a job opportunity on wowintro?


Go to or simply click the orange Opportunities button at the top of the page. This will lead you straight to our Opportunity Board where you can see full-time, part-time and internship jobs posted by various companies.

  • Simply type in the keywords related to the opportunity you are looking for at the search bar (eg: admin, marketing, engineering etc)
  • You can also filter out opportunities by selecting the type of job you are looking for (eg: full-time, part-time, internship)
  • Simply look through the opportunities and click into any of the post you would like to apply to read more information on it
  • Read through the specific opportunity and simply click "Apply!" at the bottom


Please remember to upload your 30-second wowintro and your résumé so that the company you applied for will be able to view your profile and call you up for an interview!





1. How do I search for a candidate on wowintro?


There are two ways to search for candidates on wowintro:

1. Go to the Tags Board & simply type in a keyword for what you’re looking for (eg: admin, marketing, engineering, sales etc)

  • When you type a keyword, our system will filter videos and profiles according to the search therefore making it easier for you to fish for a candidate

2. Post an Opportunity for a specific opening/position you are looking to fill at your company

  • This way, candidates will directly apply for the Opportunity and you will instantly get notified and have the database at your fingertips


2. How do I post an Opportunity on wowintro?


  1. Immediately as you log in, you will see a box that says “Post an Opportunity” and click it
  2. Fill up the opportunity post form
  3. Simply fill in the details & check before submitting (always click “Save & Preview” so you may view the post & make any changes if necessary)
  4. Once satisfied, click “Submit” & you will receive a notice saying allow up to 24 hours for your post to be approved by our team

If you have filled up all details but don’t wish to post it yet as may require approval from your side, simply click “Save” & it will be saved in your drafts & you can post it another day! If you made an error but already submitted the post, don’t worry! We will approve the post & you can immediately make changes then.


3. How do I contact a candidate/employer on wowintro?


If you wish to get in contact with a company, simply drop them a message on wowintro. To ensure a company can contact you directly do upload your résumé so they may see your contact details and directly call you in for an interview!

If you find a candidate you like, simply drop them a message on wowintro. If you’d like a more straightforward approach, just open their résumé/CV and call them directly in for an interview! Should you have any problems contacting a certain candidate, simply write in to us at and request for the contact details of the candidate – we’d be happy to provide it!


4. How do I upload a company logo?


  1. Log on to your profile
  2. Click “Edit Profile” at the side of your profile
  3. Upload a 240x240px logo to ensure it is properly displayed (the ideal size)


5. How do I upload my company video? 


Like users and job-seekers on wowintro, companies can now upload a video up to 5 minutes in length! The video can be anything from a video introducing your company to posting a specific question you would like to ask potential candidates on wowintro. Here's a few helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • The video should not exceed 5 minutes
  • It should be in the compatible formats accepted on the wowintro platform ( and .wmv)
  • The video should not exceed 200MB in size
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We are so excited to announce our official collaboration with YB Khairy Jamaluddin and the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the Perdana Fellows programme 2016 intake! An initiative organized by the Malaysian government, Perdana Fellows is a program spearheaded by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to present Malaysian youths the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be personally engaged at the highest levels of the federal government and contribute to nation-building. The chosen candidates will be exposed to policy work and assist in national agendas under the direct supervisions of the Cabinet Ministers, the Deputy Minister and Prime Minister. The programme is divided into two sectors, Perdana Fellows Graduate and Perdana Fellows Undergraduate. 



wowintro is a new innovative way of opening doors for young people. I believe wowintro can take Malaysians further by providing greater opportunities,” said YB Khairy Jamaluddin, the Minister of Youth and Sports in a video released on wowintro’s platform last year. The minister announced the adoption of wowintro as the impressions platform to get to know applicants better via 30-second videos where they can showcase their soft-skills as well, rather than just relying on their hard-skills written on paper.



In efforts to bond with youths through the program, the minister is encouraging every hopeful applicant of Perdana Fellows to submit a 30-second wowintro video as part of their application to increase their chances of being selected. The ministry recognizes that youths are heavily influenced by technology and with majority of users on wowintro being fresh graduates and under-graduates seeking opportunities, wowintro is the perfect platform for the ministry to utilize for Perdana Fellows. 


This collaboration is the first of many projects wowintro have planned throughout the year. The startup is set to launch Project Opening Doors, a nationwide campaign conducted via on-ground roadshows targeted at mass millenials in 30 public and private educational institutions all over the country. Founder of wowintro, Alex Phang is thrilled to be collaborating with the ministry for the Perdana Fellows program this year, quoting “We are honored to have YB Khairy Jamaluddin’s support for our platform and we’re looking forward to discovering quality candidates for the Perdana Fellows program.” 

For those who are interested in joining the Perdana Fellows programme, click here for more information! Applications are NOW OPEN and applications officially end on the 15th March! Good luck from us here at wowintro! 

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wowintro is excited to kick-start our latest venture, #SOAL or, Salary Of A Lifetime! 


#SOAL is a collaboration between wowintro and a Mystery Client in an effort to find EIGHT passionate individuals to secure the golden opportunity of becoming an Outlet Manager and getting the salary of a lifetime- up to RM8,000 a month! 


Who's the Mystery Client you ask? Well, you're just going to have to wait and find out! Over the coming weeks we'll be posting clues on our Facebook page to who exactly our Mystery Client is and you'll have to guess! With logo puzzles and riddles to be solved in exchange for clues, we're anxious to see if you can figure out who the Mystery Client is!


Now, for the million dollar question: How Do I Apply For #SOAL? It's so simple, just follow these steps! 


1. Register for wowintro if you do not have an account 

(click here)



2. Record and upload a 30-second video of yourself on to your wowintro profile 


(for tips what to say in your wowintro video, click here)



3. Tag your video with SOAL


(under 'Edit Profile')



4. Upload your resume/CV 


(under 'Edit Profile')



5. Apply for SOAL through wowintro's Opportunity Board!


(To apply for the opportunity, click here)


And there you have it! You're only 5 steps away from securing the opportunity of a lifetime, so don't miss out! GOOD LUCK! For more in-depth information about #SOAL, click here.

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In our efforts to directly engage with our audience, wowintro has been conducting personal branding workshops at university campuses all over KL city as part of our roadshow campaign, #ProjectOpeningDoors. Since the campaign launch in June 2015, wowintro’s #ProjectOpeningDoors has managed to take over Taylor’s University numerous times, Sunway University twice, both campuses of Asia Pacific University and the most recently, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia!


(Copyright: wowintro)


wowintro’s latest venture to visit Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) students at Kem Bina Negara, Sepang proved to be the most successful roadshow of the #ProjectOpeningDoors campaign yet as they are set to visit the university for TWO days back-to-back on the 1st and 2nd of November!



The wowintro team traveled to Kem Bina Negara to visit UKM students who were at a student camp held by the university in efforts to build personal skills amongst the students. Nadia Ismail, project manager at wowintro, gave a talk to the students in the auditorium on personal branding and a workshop on how wowintro can be beneficial. Over 200 students participated in the #ProjectOpeningDoors and left extremely energetic impressions by the sheer confidence and communication skills they brought out in their videos!





wowintro is set to take over the Bangi campus of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia on the 1st and 2nd of November as part of the convocation ceremony with hundreds of students set to graduate and venture on to their next big step in developing their career! We couldn’t be more excited to see these bright, young and eager students again. Give us your best first impression, UKM! We’ll see you soon!


For more details, check out


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Job interviews can be tricky stuff, no matter how many times you’ve had one in your career. We know it’s important to practice for an interview but what about other factors about a job interview? Here are the 5 things to keep in mind besides just having a practice run of an interview!


1. Be punctual


Punctuality is key in job interviews because it leaves a great first impression! Always be on time for job interviews, or even better, arrive at least 10 minutes before. Helpful tip would be to scout the location a day before your interview to get familiar with the routes and plan out your journey to ensure you'll be able to arrive on time.


2. Research


Conduct research on the company before your interview! It's important to familiarize with the company's works, values, achievements and success- it showcases you have interest in the company and it will also help tremendously when answering questions about the company.


3. Dress for the job


This definitely goes without saying, but it's not stressed enough. Your attire and overall appearance plays a major factor in the formation of a first impression the interviewer will have of you, and we all know how important it is in setting the right first impressions! 


4. Practice makes perfect


No matter how many job interviews you’ve done or if you’ve never gone for one, practicing for the interview will help you calm your nerves tremendously and prepare you for the real thing. Of course you may not know the exact questions the interviewer may ask, but there are always the basics (what are your previous work experiences? What did you achieve in school? How involved in co-curricular activities were you in university?) that you can draft up replies to and practice how you want to structure your answer.


5. Be you


As qualified as you may be for the job, never rely solely on your application or resumé to land you the job. You will still need to market yourself and your qualities to the interviewer to show that you’re the right person for the job.  

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wowintro, an online video impression platform, was founded on the idea of modernizing  workspaces by giving fresh graduates the chance to have a competitive edge beyond conventional black and whites. wowintro allows users a chance to communicate themselves to employers and opportunities through a 30-second video that may be attached on their profiles along with a résumé.


There's no denying videos are the new social phenomenon. Yes, YouTube has been the reigning “King of Internet Videos” since it was founded in 2005, but game-changers like Vine, Instagram and Snapchat have revolutionized the video sharing landscape in a monumental way- making less than 15-second videos the way to go. Even social media giant Twitter, who's core service is the curation of words in a short text (140 characters specifically), introduced a live video streaming platform, Periscope, to their service. In just three months Periscope has already acquired more than 2 million users and is still growing.


In this day and age, videos have become a doorway to opportunities for anyone bold enough to put themselves out there. Over the last few years, countless artists, musicians and actors can thank YouTube as the platform that propelled them to stardom (read: Justin Bieber). Even specializing as a YouTube personality, or better known as “YouTubers,” have launched careers for individuals like Tyler Oakley and Pewdie Pie. Just like YouTube, Vine also played a hand in the discovery of artists and personalities like King Bach and Zach King, birthing the term “Vine Famous” in just the two years since its launch in 2013.


This is all possible because videos are fun, fast and most of all, entertaining. They're a great way to express yourself and your creativity by allowing you to “show” instead of “tell.”


Which is exactly what wowintro can do for users. By being the first video impression platform for opportunities, wowintro allows users to take matters into their own hands and do things for themselves. Understanding the benefits that videos present, users can showcase their personality, talents, skills and how they carry themselves- aspects that can never be represented solidly through a piece of paper. Users have full creative control over how they want their video to be and the content of their wowintro.


It's all about doing it by themselves with their personal standards, comfort and feel. Users no longer need to solely rely on a single sheet of paper to decide which opportunities are within their reach. This way, users can show a glimpse of who they are and allow others to form a positive first impression on them without even meeting yet.


If a 6-second Vine video can open doors never considered and create careers once practically unheard of, just imagine what a 30-second wowintro can do for you.

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